Kirk Mustard Believes Fiction is the actual foundation of our society.

Kirk Mustard for PresidentHis novel, The Future Perfect, is a tale of where we might end up if we don’t change our course. Of course, some may prefer this future because it is, as a reviewer said, a wild ride like you never imagined.

Kirk was covered by L.A. television for his petition to have the smog declared a national landmark, and to add vitamins to it so it would be the most nutritious smog money can buy. He produced humor and skits on San Francisco television for a decade. Wrote pieces for the L.A. Weekly, the Easy Reader an Far Out magazine.

He was told he was human, but wonders if it’s true, because he loves undisturbed nature and humans seem to hate it. He thinks he would go nuts if he couldn’t find humor in it all. But is bothered by the fact that this implies his whole life is based on the Reader’s Digest column Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Kirk given himself the I MADE IT THROUGH THE DAY WITH A MENTAL BREAKDOWN award for 100 of the last 120 days.